Tasty & Healthy delights to help you regain back lost fitness

One of the biggest worries of an adult female is staying healthy and fit whilst trying to maintain a diet that can help her stay & look fit like celebrities. Attitudes now have been changing and women are now allowed to have a liberal diet the same way men can have. But today’s routine is fast and women need dishes that are not just readymade but homemade and delicious as well. The Healthy Mummy Discount Code is a blessing for all those working mothers out there with infants and young children. Find more The Healthy Mummy Promo Code at https://www.supersavermama.com.au/healthy-mummy-coupon-code

2 Ingredient Mango ripple ice blocks:

Made with one whole mango and 120 grams of natural coconut yogurt, these ice blocks are not just tasty but also nutritious and pack enough energy to give you a boost whenever you’re feeling tired. All you have to do is peel & diced mango pieces and then process them in a processor, spoon it into ice molds, mix the remaining mango in the processor with the yogurt and add that mixture to the molds too. Add sticks and freeze overnight. Voila! They are ready to eat.

Passionfruit and coconut muffins

All you need is passionfruit pulp (or passionfruit), cup of honey, light coconut milk, melted coconut oil, vanilla essence, eggs and self-raising flour. Make a batter out of a unique mix of the ingredients and then bake up to get tasty wholesome muffins without feeling the guilt of gaining weight. Weight friendly and packed with wholesome nutrition.


Chilly Corn Carne

Beef, onions, tomatoes, avocado, kidney beans, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and Greek yoghurt with a touch of garlic and chilli flakes bring to life this Mexican delight. As spicy as it sounds, it is quite tasty and nutritious that will tantalize your taste buds and prevent your tummy from getting upset.

Vegetarian Mexican style soup

Kidney beans, chickpeas, corn kernels, tomato passata, chilli powder, coriander, paprika and light sour cream cooked in vegetable stock brings up another Mexican treat which is of course vegetarian and quite a treat for the stomach and for the tongue as well. Nutritious and power packed, this will certainly give you the much needed energy boost in your lunches and dinners.

Chicken and Pineapple fried rice

The addition of chicken and pineapple to classic egg fried rice brings not just a tangy taste combining sweet and spicy but also the very favourite chicken in a healthy version of a fried rice dish designed to give you essential nutrients to help you go ahead with your day whenever you feel tired.

The meals described above are quite easy to prepare and can be stored in the fridge as well. Do not forget to visit Healthy Mummy’s website for full recipe cards as well as other health & fitness tips.

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